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This petition was created to support victim-centered approaches to sexual assault.

The goal of any investigation is to gather the best evidence, which for sexual assault requires understanding the impact trauma has on a victim’s behavior and memory. Through a victim-centered approach, interviews are conducted in safe, nonjudgmental environments, victims are offered advocacy, and they are treated with dignity and respect. This approach does not compromise a suspect’s rights.

The intent of this petition is to show that victim-centered and trauma-informed approaches are recognized as best practices by people from of all walks of life: including professionals working inside and outside the criminal justice system, and members of the public including survivors and their loved ones. These approaches help to ensure fairness, by supporting thorough and professional investigations, without compromising Constitutional rights to due process.

By signing, you are supporting victims of sexual assault. You can seek justice one response at a time, because every response matters. Learn More

I support victim-centered approaches to sexual assault.

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